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The Spiders of Europe and Greenland
Family: Synaphridae (Midget Spiders)
This family is represented in Europe with 7 species in 2 genera (van Helsdingen, 2009; Platnick, 2009). European genera (number of species in parenthesis): Cepheia (1), Synaphris (6).
Genus: Synaphris Simon, 1894
There are 6 European species (van Helsdingen, 2009; Platnick, 2009): Synaphris agaetensis, S. calerensis, S. dalmatensis, S. franzi, S. lehtineni, S. saphrynis.
Synaphris franzi Wunderlich, 1987
Range: Spain (Canary Islands) (van Helsdingen 2009.1). Global range: Canary Is (Platnick 10.0).