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The Spiders of Europe and Greenland
Family: Oxyopidae (Lynx Spiders)
Biology: This family is mainly tropical in distribution, with only a few European species in two genera. Lynx spiders are diurnal hunters of low vegetation where they exploit their excellent ability to run and jump. Neither snares or retreats are built. The eggsack is fastened near the top of low vegetation, and is guarded by the female.
Characters of family: The members of the family are characterized by spinose legs, the spines erect and pointing in all directions. Also the hexagonal arrangement of the eyes is characteristic. Abdomen tapers to a blunt point posteriorly.
Genus: Oxyopes Latreille, 1804
Characters of genus: The genus is distinguished from most other Oxyopidae genera by the following characters: Posterior row of eyes strongly procurved. The distance between the posterior laterals, and the posterior medials or the anterior medials is about the same. The distance between the anterior medials, and the posterior laterals is also subequal. Legs IV are longer than legs III.
Oxyopes heterophthalmus (Latreille, 1804)
Range: Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France (Corsica), France (Mainland), Germany, Great Britain (Mainland), Greece (Crete), Greece (Cyclades), Greece (Dodecanese Islands), Greece (Mainland), Greece (North Aegean Islands), Hungary, Italy (Mainland), Italy (Sardinia), Italy (Sicily), Macedonia, Moldova, Netherlands, Portugal (Mainland), Romania, Russia (Central European)?, Russia (Eastern European), Russia (Southern European), Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (Mainland), Ukraine (van Helsdingen 2009.1). Global range: Palearctic (Platnick 10.0).