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The Spiders of Europe and Greenland
Family: Anyphaenidae (Buzzing Spiders)
Biology: This family has its headquarters in the new world with almost forty species in several genera described from the US and Canada. Only seven species occur in Europe, all of which belong to the genus Anyphaena. They are long-legged, active hunters usually taking their prey on foliage.
Characters of family: The superficially resemble members of the Clubionidae, but are distinguished from those by the location of the tracheal spiracle which is situated about midway between the gential groove and spinnerets. The claw tufts is composed of lamelliform hairs. The males of the Anyphaenidae also have more complex external genitialia than the males of the Clubionidae.
Genus: Anyphaena Sundevall, 1833
Characters of genus: The eyes are oval and pearly, except the anterior medials which are dark and circular.
Anyphaena alboirrorata Simon, 1878
Range: France (Mainland), Italy (Mainland), Portugal (Mainland), Spain (Balearic Islands), Spain (Mainland) (van Helsdingen 2009.1). Global range: Portugal, Spain, France (Platnick 10.0).